You want to live in a house that…

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    saves you money on heating and cooling all year round

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    is constructed or insulated with natural, non-toxic materials

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    has a positive effect on your health and well-being

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About Us

Green insulation technology involving hemp and lime, successfully implemented all around the world, is now available for residents of Ukraine. Our Kiev-based company, Hempire, helps to fulfill dreams of many Ukrainians to live in “eco” dwellings. Our professionals, having worked on numerous projects across Europe, are able to provide a full scope of services. These include: consultations on our 100% natural hemp insulation material – “Hempire Mix”, insulation services, quality control, organization of workshops and others.



Insulation works

Insulation and construction work with “Hempire Mix” on new and existing buildings


Quality control

Quality control on site



Material supply on site



Organizing practical workshops



Consulting services all around the world



Providing expertise during design phase

Materials and Technology

“Hempire Mix” – insulation material in the form of porridge, developed by our company based on exclusively natural, non-toxic components with high thermal and sound insulation properties. We use only hemp hurds, lime, natural additives and water (no cement or hydraulic lime which contains properties of cement). The main advantage of “Hempire Mix” is ability to insulate only surfaces you really want (walls, attic, roof, floor and ceiling) using one material without changing components. It is also possible to erect new walls with wooden framing in place. The density of the material is around 260 kg/m3.

Benefits of using Hempire Mix as an insulation/construction material:

  • Insulation acting as humidity and temperature regulator in the building.
  • Significant savings on heating and cooling all year round.
  • No need to install/use the ventilation system, with vapor permeable walls.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties (λ = 0.06 W / m * K, c = 1700 J/ kg * K)
  • Hygroscopic hemp hurds can absorb excessive moisture inside a house and release it.
  • “Hempire Mix” contains only natural, non-toxic components (no cement).
  • Lime used in “Hempire Mix” raises PH levels, creating alkaline environment inside a house.
  • The high thermal mass and thermal inertia help avoid temperature fluctuations.
  • Possibility of using light foundation for the house insulated with “Hempire Mix”.
  • The material does not rot and protects walls from fungus due to the regulation of humidity.
  • Excellent acoustic absorption due to high porosity.
  • The material is non-flammable, and repels rodents.
  • 1m3 of Hempire Mix locks up 165 kg of CO2 (negative Carbon footprint).

Preparing the mix:

All components are placed into the mixer. It takes around 5 minutes to produce “Hempire Mix”, and it is happening directly on a construction site. The quality of material highly depends on the quality of components and technological aspect of the process. After the mix is prepared it is immediately ready for use.

  • Thermal conductivity: (λ = 0.06 W / (m * К)
  • The specific heat capacity: (с= 1700 J/(kg · K)
  • Coefficient of water vapor diffusion resistance: µ = 5.48
  • Average density: ρ = 260 kg/м3
  • Frost: 25 – 50 cycles
  • Fire resistance: B1 (no smoke, no droplets)


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    What is “Hempire Mix”?

    Hempire Mix is an insulation material created out of only natural components such as hemp, lime, natural additive and water (no cement or hydraulic lime added).

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    What surfaces can be insulated using the “Hempire Mix”?

    We can insulate absolutely any surface: walls, roof, ceiling, floor, attic and basement. We can erect new walls with the presence of wood framing.

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    Can I smoke hemp insulation?

    Hemp used to prepare Hempire Mix does not contain any THC (psychoactive elements). Smoking it does not make sense.

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    What is the recommended thickness required to insulate new / existing wall?

    New wall: 30 - 35 cm (12 - 14 inches). Existing wall: 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8 inches).


Our number in Kyiv: 067-658-5350 – Email: – Facebook:

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