speaking at a forum in Japan



My friends, we are honoured to announce that our founder Sergiy Kovalenkov has been invited to speak at The 1st International Hemp Environmental Forum in Japan as a speaker/expert in hemp insulation. Big thanks to Japanese Hemp Association and General Hemp for helping us get there! Click here to see the event on Facebook.

Project: house in Lviv region



Beautiful house in Lviv region has been given to us for insulation purposes. We have insulated a floor and walls all around the house, so it is one cozy place at the moment. Insulation had to go straight on stone from inside the house , in order not to ruin the facade white brick finish.

Speaking at Lviv Eco Fest


14 мая наш основатель Сергей Коваленков будет рассказывать про конопляные дома на Львов Эко Фест. Лекция начинается в 11 утра. Do not miss! Click here for more info: https://m.facebook.com/ParkKulturyLviv/

Week of Ecodesign in Minsk


Whoever is Minsk, Belarus on the 26th of April catch our CEO Sergiy Kovalenkov speaking about current progress on hemp insulation market in Eastern Europe during “Week of Ecodesign”. This expo is organized to promote “green” sustainable solutions in construction and design industries.

NoCo Hemp expo



NoCo Hemp expo is the largest hemp related conference in North America. It will take place in Loveland, Colorado, USA this year that will happen on April 1st, 2016. Our founder Sergiy Kovalenkov was invited to speak at the conference and present past and current projects Hempire has been recognized for. We are proud to represent Ukraine on an international … Read More

First yoga studio insulated with Hempire Mix



Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you the first ever yoga studio Makoto Dojo that insulated completely with Hempire Mix. Floors, walls, ceilings, everything is insulated with hemp there. Children are very happy, while parents can have a cup of tea and enjoy watching their young ones train.

Home insulation lecture at Green School seminar



Our founder Sergiy Kovalenkov will once again take a center stage during “Green School” hub seminar that will take place this Saturday at 17:15 pm in Kyiv. The address is 56/21-A Krasnozvyozdniy Blvd. Please follow the link for details: www.ecoschool.org.ua Come and you will learn lost of new and interesting things!

Continuing work even in the fall



We are continuing to insulate even in late fall due to the warm weather. Wood frame system is completely covered by our natural insulation material. Thickness of Hempire mix is 35 cm. In this case, we eliminate any chance of cold bridge occurring throughout the whole surface of the wall. It is vapour permeable wall with high thermal capacity.

Project completed near Kiev



One more roof project is behind our belt. This roof was insulated with Hempire Mix in Boryspil region, nearby Kyiv, Ukraine. Our material is not afraid of moisture, therefore, there is no need to install hydro-barrier. Good cost saver! One more happy customer!